The Purple Door

2017/03/11 – 2017/03/12 hele dag
Wilrieke Sophia

TheA breathtaking introduction to Ecstatic BDSM led by London Faerie & Wilrieke Sophia

“The Purple Door was humbling, heart opening, thrilling, joyful, expansive and inclusive. It is a weekend I will always remember for the opportunity to touch the aliveness that is my birthright.” – Michelle

Kinky pleasure has so much to offer you. BDSM plays with the edgier bits of sexuality: control & surrender, tie & tease, hitting & hurting, being downright nasty.

From the outside it can appear deeply unpleasant; but when explored with skill and awareness it’s intensely erotic, profoundly touching and full of alchemy. Here you can transform your relationship with power and pain into something new and beautiful.

The Purple Door is our experiential introduction to Ecstatic BDSM, led by London Faerie and Wilrieke Sophia. It’s a safe, loving space to find out what conscious kink is all about from one of the UK’s leading practitioner-teachers.

The Purple Door is chance to explore, play, learn and grow with a community of open-minded individuals, lovingly and skilfully guided with no trace of fluffiness. It’s a powerful introduction to the kinky playground, with a glimpse of the real transformative and transcendent potential of these ritual games.


Hanky Spanky is all about strong sensation and pain. There’s a lot of skill involved in spanking, whipping and other forms of impact play. Done right, it can take both giver and receiver into some amazing altered states of consciousness; done wrong it’ll freak you both out. We teach you how to do it right.

As well as learning how to do it well, we teach you how to cultivate more sensitivity and awareness so you can read your play partners and keep taking them to the exquisite edge.

With this mixture of skill and awareness, we’re sure you’ll travel to many beautiful new places together.

Hanky Spanky ends with a lovingly-held play session, a chance to experiment and put what you’ve learnt into practice.


Most people steer clear of power dynamics in daily life, but in the bedroom they can be downright exciting. In Playing with Power we create a safe loving space to explore the dynamics of power and how they can enrich your sexual connections. Along the way you’ll find out that playing with power can be a huge turn – and if you’re lucky you might transform your relationship with power in the rest of your life too.

This hands-on workshop is a space to play sensually and consensually with power. This includes communicating around your desires, negotiating limits so you’re all taken care of and creating a magical bubble in which to make your kinky scenes happen.

Playing with Power is all about tuning into each other so you can both discover and explore your edges. It ends with a beautiful play session where we hold the space for you while you explore and enjoy.


The Purple Door is suitable for beginners to BDSM. You don’t need any prior experience to attend this workshop, but we ask that you come with an open mind and a willingness to learn and discover. If you’re seriously prudish or deeply uncomfortable around the topic of sexuality, this isn’t the workshop for you. You could start your journey with a cuddle workshop, for example.

The Purple Door is a great place for more seasoned kinksters who want to deepen their play and bring more awareness to it. The workshop strengthens the foundations of what you already know and enables you to take your play further and access more amazing altered states of consciousness.

The Purple Door is open to people of all genders and orientations. If you come on your own you’re invited to work with different people throughout the weekend. If you come with lovers or partners you’re invited to work with them as much as you want – and if you wish sometimes to work separately, that’s also welcomed.

This is a space for you to learn, explore and experience Ecstatic BDSM. You are welcomed whatever your relationship status, sexual orientation, gender or age (as long as you are over 18).


“The workshop gives an experiential and practical opportunity to understand the magic of BDSM and the principles that make it works. The emphasis on authentic relating and listening make this much more than a skills workshop, leading to real connection.”

“A safe, loving and open space in which everyone was invited to explore their curiosity and push their boundaries.” – Libby

“Caring, caressing and courage giving … a soft and flowing entry to a deep and fabulous world. Let’s play!”

“A beautiful way to spend a couple of days, and an opening into another way of being with sexuality and relationship.”

“You know what’s so beautiful, I felt as alive after this weekend as I do after a tantra workshop! Conscious kink dives into the same layers with the same intention and even with the same effects. Only through another door (the purple one) Amazing!”

“This workshop is deeply healing. It took me to places other workshops cannot reach!” – Katy

“Your facilitation was masterful and I loved being in space held by you.”

“It’s so liberating and important to move this facet of (sexual) interaction out of the dark corners of society and into broad daylight.” – Anna

“A relaxing friendly space in which to explore new aspects of intimacy. A wonderfully safe space and supporting tutors, ready to help you develop new aspects of your sexuality.” – Sam

“An opportunity to try out or develop kinky skills in a genuinely sex-positive, open-minded, whole-hearted, welcoming, safe space, expertly led and run.” – Chris


Hanky Spanky: Saturday 11th March, 10.00h – 18.30h

Playing with Power: Sunday 12th March, 10.00h – 18.30h

Full weekend: €195,- (early bird €175,- / concession €160,- / supportive €230,-)

You can come to the first day (Hanky Spanky) only. A 1-day ticket costs €120,-


The Purple Door takes place at a beautiful studio in Utrecht, at the M.P. Lindostraat 4 (near Utrecht CS).

Workshop structure:

Each day stands alone, so you can attend the whole weekend or just the first day. For total immersion and a really thorough introduction to kinky pleasure, we recommend booking for the whole weekend. (And it’s cheaper too!)

Other info:

We roughly gender-balance this workshop but we cannot guarantee you’ll always work with someone you’re attracted to. We encourage you to take care of your boundaries if you find yourself paired with someone you don’t fancy, and also to let yourself be surprised by the possibilities of kinky pleasure with someone you might not connect with in other ways.

How to book:

The ticket-link takes you to a Chipta, where you can reserve and pay for your place(s). ). In the weeks before the event you will receive an email with joining instructions.


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