Mirrors versus Movie Screens: Do you reflect or project?

Mirrors versus Movie Screens

The people around us are our mirrors: they show us where we are in our stage of personal evolution. It’s something we hear all the time. But I notice that people, me included, tend to use others rather as movie screens onto which we project our reality, instead of looking into the mirror. When someone triggers us It’s easy to see someone as our mirror when that mirror shows us something nice. It can be amazingly uplifting when someone I admire wants to spend time with me. Although it touches upon my insecurity sometimes (‘Why would this person want to spend time with me?’) it is hard to stick to…

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Freedom is not in saving others


You can’t make anyone grow. You can’t even make yourself grow. The only thing you can really do is opening your heart. To all the pain, the intensity of life, the heartbreak, the sorrow and the thunder. To the joy, the laughter, the bliss and the ecstasy. You can never force life to bend. It will break. Life can only flow. Life is a current, and you can either swim against, or swim with it. It doesn’t mean you should float. Being passive isn’t going to bring you anywhere, just as only observing your feelings isn’t going to bring you anywhere. Invite. Allow. Join. The deepest thing you can reach…

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How are you editing your life?

How do you edit your life?

As a writer they tell you to edit your writing by deleting at least thirty percent of the words you have written. Do you realize most of us do the same thing with our lives? We edit parts of our lives by hiding them, erasing them and forgetting about them all together. Sometimes it’s quite useful to let go of certain things. Think about biting nails or drawing pictures of colorful houses with crayons on the wallpaper of our parents’ living room. But we also edit precious parts of our lives. We erase things we love. Why? The castle metaphor My friend Jamie Catto often uses the metaphor of a…

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